Partnership Registration

Partnership – (Partnership is a form of enterprise that involve two or more persons/legal entities as the beneficiary).

The below are mandatory procedure and requirements for the registration of New Partnership.  

  1. Enterprise name search (This is to avoid the duplication of names, two or more entities bearing the same name);
  • Obtain Enterprise Application Form;
  • Complete and submit Enterprise Application Form for billing;
  • Attach processed partnership agreement;
  • Attach valid Identification of co-partners e.g (Passport, National I.D, Birth Certificate, NASSCORP I.D, Voter I.D, Driver License or valid registration/legal documentations);
  • Payment of non-refundable registration fee:

Liberian owned Business                      : 3,000.00 LRD

Non Liberian owned businesses         : 800.00 USD

Filing Fees          : 40.00 USD