About Liberia Business Registry

Headquarters of Liberia Business Registry

The Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF) worked with the Government of Liberia to design, develop and deliver a modern Business Registry that would ease entrepreneurship establishment.

Objective: The key objective is to reduce time, cost and complexity associated with registering a business as a means of boosting private sector development in Liberia. The Liberia Business Registry head offices are located on Nelson Street. It is a single point stop-shop for business registration, with sub offices in Ganta and Buchanan respectively.

The Liberia Business Registry was jointly established in partnership with other Government of Liberia (GOL) Ministries / Agencies involved in enterprise formalisation processes.

They are as follows:

  • Ministry of Commerce & Industry
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Central Bank of Liberia
  • National Social Security & Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP)

The Registry is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the processes of enterprise formalisation in Liberia. Accordingly, it performs the authorization, incorporation and registration of every domestic corporation, reregistered corporation or re-domiciled corporation and every foreign corporation seeking authority for a place of business within the commerce of Liberia.